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Nix Ex Machina

Having humbly set himself apart as one of life's great thinkers, Tarko rejects the menial tasks offered to him by the job agency and quickly reaches the conclusion that selling snow to the Eskimos is well within his capabilities.

Not put off by a few holes in his business plan – a complete lack of funds, no guaranteed supply of snow and not one hint of commercial interest from his intended market – he establishes, an online brokerage service to facilitate snow sales to the Inuit tribes of Alaska.

Inevitably shunned by investors and ridiculed by the media, Tarko is as shocked as anyone when a mysterious foreign backer steps in and offers to turn his whimsical publicity stunt into a multi-million dollar reality.

Initially hesitant, the prospect of cold, hard cash prompts Tarko to dive into the pristine white international snow market with both feet. Besides which, what’s the worse that could happen?


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