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Broken Eggshells

February 2001

At the end of an alleyway in London, a dark blue Jaguar is found neatly parked into an inconveniently placed brick wall. There is no sign of the driver, or any clue as to who they were.

Meanwhile, a group of cynics who are fed up with how futile the world has become decide to payback society in a series of the most bizarre and pointless terrorist attacks ever. The world's media attempt to discover if there is any link between these two incidents, or a link between any of a number of random incidents they overheard being discussed down the pub at lunchtime.

There are so many funny scenes it would take forever to list them all (well, 396 pages anyway).
Booklore, 30th June, 2001

Remarkably fast -paced... I haven't read a book like it at all.
CrossTalk Magazine, Summer 2001